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The CCRU committee of seventeen is made up of property owners, business owners, property developers, IT consultants, software developers, a marketing consultant, RMA consultant, barrister, several architects, Doctor of Environment and a Doctor of Mathematics.


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November 15, 2019

CCRU Meeting of Groups from South of the Bridge November 11, 2019 at Pleasant Point Yacht Club

Community Groups give newly elected City Councillors and Community Board Members a crash course on coastal earthquake legacy issues.

A number of community groups from South of the Bridge met with the newly elected Christchurch City Councillors and Community Board Members for the Coastal Ward. The purpose of this gathering was to get them up to speed on local coastal issues and important ongoing projects. It was a chance for the...

November 15, 2019

Coastal Futures newsletter October 2019

Since the Council made its decisions on responses to the earthquake legacy issues in South New Brighton and Southshore, they have reported that they are doing what can be done right away, and planning for what needs to go out to contract.

See the newsletter update here >

June 17, 2019

Second community group meeting South Brighton - Specific 13 June 2019.

On 13 June 2019, the CCC initiated a second Coastal Futures Community Group meeting to discuss unresolved coastal earthquake legacy issues specific to the South Brighton


June 2, 2019

CCRU share with you the CCC initiated workshop held on Wednesday 29th of May in the South Brighton community Hall to identify the community needs in relation to the estuary edge earthquake legacy issues, Southshore and South Brighton.

A city council resolution dated 9th of May, instructed council staff to undertake urgent work on the earthquake legacy investigations project for South Shore and South Brighton and report back in August 2019 for Council decision as follows:

Estuary edge current and pre-earthquake state and...

May 4, 2019

On May 1st, Simon Watts for Christchurch Coastal Residents United presented the CCRU submission on the Christchurch annual plan at the Christchurch City Council meeting. This submission pointed out the lack of expenditure on the eastern coastal estuary edge and the subsequent effects this lack of action and support has had on the wellbeing of the community.

CCRU additionally pointed out the difficulties that communities have in getting further information on the contents of the plan or understanding what the plan refers...

February 19, 2019

CCRU were alerted to the NZ Productivity Commission who are compiling a paper on local Govt funding and finance.

LINK: Read their draft paper here >

While this is an 86-page final draft from the productivity commission and covers a vast range of questions regarding future financing for local authorities, CCRU were primarily concerned with question 8 below. CCRU felt it was important to make a submission to give a community perspective and be part of the continuing conversation.

Q8 How are local authorities factoring in re...

December 11, 2018

CCRU and its subject matter experts were recently invited by the Ministry for the Environment (Mfe) to comment on the December 2017 Coastal Hazards publication as the Mfe are undertaking minor revisions and updating on their December 2017 report.

It is CCRUs’ view that feedback and engagement with all relevant parties throughout this process, particularly at this early stage, is essential. Accordingly, we thank MfE for giving us this opportunity to submit.

CCRU have been engaging with the Ministry for the Environment on...

December 11, 2018

Regenerate has recently released what they are referring to as their Baseline review of current information for the Southshore/ South Brighton area.

CCRU expressed strong concerns to Regenerate regarding this information prior to its release. Subsequent dialogue post release between CCRU and Regenerate have seen Regenerate agree to engage with us on their document.

Our commentary is the first part of that engagement (as a partner) in the Southshore/South New Brighton Community Engagement process. This review has bee...

November 3, 2018

Articles written and received Sep 23 thru Oct 16, 2018

23/09 2018

Mayor tells Stuff the error was down to a mix-up during discussions while the plan was being drawn up in 2016. Resource-consent-crisis-caused-by-an-oversight-mayor-lianne-dalziel-says 


Warwick Shaffer Deputy CCRU- 7 OCT

Update on the 'missing clause' and the s71 process that is being used to fix it. (Along with some personal observations)

The release of Judge Hansens letter confirmed that the district plan was not as the IHP (Independent Hearing Panel) i...

September 16, 2018

Over a considerable period, there have been multiple motions, approaches, and requests put forward by CCRU and many parties including a motivated but exhausted community. All with the purpose of trying to fix this problem…

…to progress updating the Council’s district plan using section 71 powers under the regeneration act to reinstate the Residential Unit Overlay clause as presented to the Independent Hearing Panel in original evidence by the Council.

We are petitioning Parliament for assistance to fix this, t...

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