Unclear laws and a lack of direction has home owners and policy makers questioning who should have to pick up the multi-billion dollar bill for the impact of forecast sea level rise. Christchurch home owners Pete and Jan spent their life savings on a property and the plans to build their dream home, before being told the risk of sea level rise would mean they couldn't build...


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In 2018 Regenerate Christchurch, with support from Christchurch City Council and Environment Canterbury, will be developing a regeneration strategy for Southshore and South New Brighton.

The regeneration strategy will consider the environmental, social, cultural and economic effects of the issues facing Southshore and South New Brighton. It will focus on short, medium and long-term options to adapt to the effects of climate change, and to address the remaining effects from the Canterbury earthquakes. It will also consid...

May 18, 2018

The latest greatest hits- these are most of the abbreviations you will see and hear bandied about when you start looking to build a new home or build onto or make improvements to an existing dwelling.

CCC        Christchurch City Council

CCRU     Christchurch Coastal Residents’ United

CRPS      Canterbury Regional Policy Statement

CRO       Chief Resilience Officer

HFHMA  High Flood Hazard Management Area

IHP         Independent He...

OCEL is Offshore and Coastal Engineering Consultants NZ Ltd and GRAHAM TEAL is the expert who put this report together. Save our estuary frontage? Protect Southshore and South Brighton from flooding into the future? A long term solution, not a band-aid? 

These findings and solutions are cost saving, environmentally sound, sensible, practical and immediately workable. What do you think? 

Download the full report >

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August 26, 2019

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