November 3, 2018

Information on the proposal for use of section 71 to amend the District Plan to provide a policy framework that supports the Residential Unit Overlay.

PDF of Residential Unit Overlay Update 4 (Oct 3-2018)

LINK to CCC for full documentation 


November 3, 2018

Articles written and received Sep 23 thru Oct 16, 2018

23/09 2018

Mayor tells Stuff the error was down to a mix-up during discussions while the plan was being drawn up in 2016. Resource-consent-crisis-caused-by-an-oversight-mayor-lianne-dalziel-says 


Warwick Shaffer Deputy CCRU- 7 OCT

Update on the 'missing clause' and the s71 process that is being used to fix it. (Along with some personal observations)

The release of Judge Hansens letter confirmed that the district plan was not as the IHP (Independent Hearing Panel) i...

Councillor David East has offered an apology to council staff for questioning their integrity and accusing them of tampering with Christchurch's district plan.


East backed down over his claim officials had removed a clause that would have helped residents in coastal areas rebuild and repair earthquake-damaged homes.

His apology came as councillors unanimously backed a proposal to change the district plan that will make such repairs easier, a move East described as a "momentous decision".

Now ratified by coun...

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