May 11, 2019

Dr John CookGP New Brighton - eloquently said in his deputation- “continued uncertainty around the management of equity and safety and the future of the community in Southshore and South Brighton has led many residents to dark and unhealthy places..."

"The earthquake ruptured our village, your decision corrodes our soul

Our ground continues to shake as we and our families grow old

I want you to bring humanity to the estuary edge we live by

We need you to resolve our fate so in peace in our land we can lie"

Simon Watts, C...

May 4, 2019

Council Says that repairing estuary edge May lead to continued development as a result of perceived safety. 

- Inconsistent with past Council decisions to defer work for consideration alongside adaptation planning in the Regeneration Strategy.

- Inconsistent with South Brighton Park erosion management options and the Management Plan

Purpose of item

For the Council to decide whether to take over leadership of the Regeneration Strategy for

Southshore and South New Brighton, and if so, the preferred process for Council to prog...

May 4, 2019

On May 1st, Simon Watts for Christchurch Coastal Residents United presented the CCRU submission on the Christchurch annual plan at the Christchurch City Council meeting. This submission pointed out the lack of expenditure on the eastern coastal estuary edge and the subsequent effects this lack of action and support has had on the wellbeing of the community.

CCRU additionally pointed out the difficulties that communities have in getting further information on the contents of the plan or understanding what the plan refers...

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Estuary Edge Condition Inventory, by Jacobs NZ LTD

August 26, 2019

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