September 3, 2018

A letter released today by City Councillor David East, from independent panel chairperson The Honourable Sir John Hansen, KNZM, has highlighted that an important clause enabling  the correct application of the RUO was omitted from the district plan in its final draft. (link to letter at end of article)

The CCC Strategic and Policy Division have openly admitted that they knowingly removed the clause as they did not support a more permissive building pathway.

Judge Hansen’s letter follows the process the Independent hearin...

August 22, 2018

CCRU assist Community Boards in understanding the RUO and how it affects Coastal Residents

See the original article here >
Bay Harbour: August 22, 2018 Page 7

This article was released August 1st, 2018. What is missing from the article is that the council said (in yellow circle below) the Christchurch District Plan contained the restricted discretionary activity rule, but what they failed to disclose was the fact the council removed the tool that was on the original draft of the plan that would give them the means to use this rule. It is mysteriously NOT present in the operative Christchurch District Plan and that is what is causing all the grief in attaining...

July 28, 2018

Warwick Schaffer (Deputy Chair CCRU) and Simon Watts (Chair CCRU) presenting to the group about the RUO/HFHMA issue around a proposed development in Redcliffs which talks about the how strict application of the “avoid” from the HFHMA leads to absurdity.

CCRU (Christchurch Coastal Residents United)  organized a meeting at Redcliffs Bowling Club Wednesday 25 July in response to Coastal Residents’ distress and difficulty in extending, rebuilding or building their houses in residential areas that are in the High Flood Hazar...

June 20, 2016

CCRU have continued hard work behind the scenes, on both the Peer Review for the Tonkin Taylor report and with the pRDP (Proposed Replacement District Plan)

CCRU have been undertaking extensive and ongoing work relating to the HFHMA (High Flood Hazard Management Area) rules and overlays that the CCC want to enact through the PRDP.

If these proposed rules are accepted, large areas of the coastal communities will find that building on a vacant section or extending an existing house will become non-compliant.

So what’s t...

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