Christchurch Coastal Residents’ United (CCRU) is an association of coastal residents, communities and experts from across New Zealand, focused on the Christchurch area.

Membership is not exclusive and members of CCRU may be members of other residents’ associations. CCRU also occasionally acts as an informal umbrella group supporting other groups. 

Members believe that New Zealand coastal residents shall not be disadvantaged and should be able to enjoy their coastal lifestyle with the same level of support from regulatory bodies that stakeholders in other suburbs receive. CCRU supports the rights of coastal residents and communities. It works to bring about engaged consensus and consultation between all regulatory bodies, stakeholders and coastal communities on decisions that directly affect coastal residents.

CCRU helps its communities primarily by engaging its own community networks and will support legal remedies as appropriate.

CCRU advocates for resilient and sustainable coastal communities and lifestyles.

© 2020 CCRU incorporated    We are a non-profit lobby group, dedicated to protecting our coastal homes & lifestyle  

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The CCRU committee is made up of property owners, business owners, property developers, IT consultants, software developers, a marketing consultant, RMA consultant, barrister, several architects, Doctor of Environment and a Doctor of Mathematics.


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