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A collection of CCRU organised presentations and forums. Experts generously sharing their knowledge and experience for the benefit of coastal communities and residents.

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Warwick Schaffer chair of CCRU presents - "Coastal Hazards Process - what we know, the gaps and our concerns: Take Two"

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Thursday, May 20, 2021 6:30 PM

Sumner Lifeboat, 2 Scarborough Beach, Christchurch, Canterbury 8081

           Limited Space- Bookings Essential

This is your chance to hear about what we know of the process, the gaps and concerns but most importantly a chance to ask your questions.

This is a facilitated discussion by CCRU at the invitation of the Sumner Residents Association. It is your chance to hear about what we know of the process and, most importantly, an opportunity to share and debate concerns and ask questions.


The following summarises some of the concerns CCRU gathered from the community both early on and at a recent similar meeting in New Brighton.

Concerns expressed by the community in early 2020:

  • That coastal suburbs are being singled out, picked on, hazards with higher likelihood exist in other areas and building is not being restricted.

  • Extreme scenarios stacked on top of each other coupled with harsh restrictions.

  • That there is a view in council or elements in it that coastal suburbs are doomed and need to be moved along. A view that influences policy development in a way that looks to withdrawal of investment or support rather than adaptability. ‘A sinking lid policy for coastal suburbs’.

  • Use of fast track processes and lack of natural justice.

  • CCC Conflict of interest (in being able to reduce risk via planning tools without direct cost).

  • Lack of community representation and critical voices on the working group

  • The working group behind closed doors, lack of meaningful inclusion

  • Experts are nameless and not available to be questioned.

  • Decisions already made regardless of community suggestion/experts/concerns.

A video of the meeting will be uploaded here following the event

Thursday, May 20, 2021 6:30 PM

Sumner Lifeboat, 2 Scarborough Beach, Christchurch

Recent Events

Richard Dalman and Simon Brown present - "Designing on the Coast: Hazards & Consents"



If you are thinking about building along the coast, have tried to build, or have successfully built - we encourage you to watch this valuable and informative presentation.

Award winning architects Richard Dalman and Simon Brown from Dalman Architects talk about their own challenges encountered in the process of completing their house builds on the Estuary at Redcliffs and South Shore beach front.


Simon comments: "The reason for this is that my house is not actually in the HFHMA and just touches into the Flood Management Area (FMA), and so doesn’t quite fit the coastal hazard zones title. My intention is to talk about the specific challenges and opportunities with my house, particularly from a consenting perspective, in addition to some comments about how to approach a build in the Southshore HFHMA and Residential Unit Overlay (RUO)."

They openly discuss how they addressed the constraints and challenges such as building on sand and in a flooding hazard area, respecting and enhancing existing ecosystems, and winning an MBIE Determination against having a hazard notice placed on the Certificate of Title.

View PDF copy of the slides used in this presentation >

March 18, 2021 at Level One, New Brighton, Christchurch

There are 3 videos - Richard, Simon and Q&A- click the image to go to our YouTube channel

Simon Watts Presentation - Adaptation of Coastal Communities: the good, the bad, and the ugly

Simon uses case studies to support his presentation about Best Practice process, how the NZ guidance measures up against this best practice, and along the way discusses the role of scenarios, trigger points, and economics.

Simon Francis Watts BSc; PhD; DIC; CChem; FRSC; CEnv; FIEnvSc; MRSNZ

Simon is originally from the UK, and before coming to NZ taught at Oxford Brookes University for many years. With his wife he settled in NZ in 2007. He is an environmental and climate scientist who has worked in the University, Private and Parliamentary sectors at different times across three countries. He still holds a visiting professorial appointment with National University of Singapore.

His main role is now Chair of the Board of Trustees of The Brighton Observatory of Environment and Economics, (BOEE) where he is also Observatory Director.

View PDF copy of the slides used in this presentation >

January 21, 2021 at Level One, New Brighton, Christchurch

Gary Teear Presentation - Mitigating coastal hazards and protecting communities

We would like to change the narrative around coastal hazards from negative to finding solutions. There is very little discussion about solutions. Help us change that.


Gary Teear from OCEL is talking about coastal engineering solutions and the issues posed by rising seas.


Recently, Gary prepared an environmentally sympathetic protection plan for the South Shore Residents Association and is part of the expert group designing and implementing the estuary bund and cycleway.


Gary Teear has a wide range of experience, both within New Zealand and internationally, in sub-sea and coastal engineering, marine structures and soil mechanics, piling, sediment movement and dredging. Gary has had a long association with Lyttleton Port.


The PPT sideshow that Gary used in the presentation is available on request.


December 17, 2020 at Level One, New Brighton, Christchurch

Gerard Cleary Presentation - Balancing Risk When Applying the NZ Coastal Policy Statement

This forum presentation is by independent RMA lawyer Gerard Cleary, partner in Anthony Harper, and covers the options planners actually have when it comes to implementing coastal hazards policies. 


Thursday, November 19, 2020 at Level One, New Brighton, Christchurch

SLIDE DECK download as PDF >

Geoff Butcher presents "Economics of Southshore Development"

Geoff Butcher Oct 15, 2020 at Level One in New Brighton, Christchurch.


PDF presentation slides available here >

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