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Latest - July 4, 2018

Adapting to climate change in New Zealand: Recommendations from the Climate Change Adaptation Technical Working Group (CCATWG)

Overview of the projected effects of climate change on environmental health, and how it may impact on the health of New Zealanders

List of regulations, national environmental standards and national policy statements- DIRECTION 2016


A think piece for local and central government and others with a role in managing natural hazards - OCT 2014


Chch council should drop climate deniers from expert review panel- article and comments

Civli Defence review of the Kaikoura Tsunami evacuation in Christchurch 2017

This design celebrates and showcases the unique environment our eastern estuary is for greater Christchurch, while providing a level of protection that is vitally needed by the community  March 25-2017

As part of the initial scoping for a NPS on natural hazards, Tonkin and Taylor carried out some research on using a risk based approach to natural hazard management under the RMA, and made some recommendations for what could be included in a NPS. This is their final report.

-  CCRU closing submission for Chapter 5 Natural Hazards Chapter PRDP   LINK closing submissions from other parties on Chapter 5 Natural Hazards

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