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Join a community of game-changers, today.

Help build a stronger community.


Don't let the council get away with forcing you out of your home, devaluing your property and controlling your future.


We are stepping up against a council using power and position- this costs money to retaliate effectively and to enact change.


CCRU estimate we need to raise $200,000 over the next 6 months to achieve our goal. We have to self-fund this battle.


What's your property and home worth? 


Is $200 money you can afford to help protect your investment? If you can give more, it can get put to immediate use. 


This is a membership worth subscribing to. Who else is fighting for you? 


Help us help you. Let's pool our resources.


Will you join us today? 




This might help shed some light on what's involved and why we need your help

Printing 1000 letters to reach affected residents

need to print 18,000


Buys the team bottle of duty free to help with the stress

(just kidding)


Post 50 letters to notify residents (need to reach 18,000 homes)

that's $36,000


Talk to a lawyer for an hour


Talk to an even better lawyer for an hour


Sponsor an engineers report


Sponsor a scientific coastal report


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You will be kept up to date by email on all progress we make. Membership is only $200 a year. You can opt out any time you wish. But our members are people who want to opt in. 


Will you join us? 


Make a contribution
ia our '
join us' page and help us today!



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