Coastal residents have consultation fatigue!

TIME FOR A DO- FEST! Coastal residents have consultation fatigue, saying they have been telling Regenerate and CCC what is required for over 6 years and they are not being listened to. Is this just another talkfest? See the original STAR.KIWI article here > South New Brighton and Southshore residents are tired of endless consultation to resolve ongoing problems since the earthquakes. A report has been presented to the city council by the Coastal ­Burwood Community Board expressing concern that the communities may not engage effectively in consultation over rising sea level issues. Regenerate Christchurch opened an engagement hub recently at 82 Estuary Rd. It comes after residents in Southsho

Environmental impact bonds to restore the coast faster and for less money

As climate change adaptation plans kick off around the world, and New Zealand slowly catches up, it is good to hear of some innovative solutions being piloted for coastal communities. This report describes the use of environmental impact bonds, which can be used to help coastal communities become resilient more quickly, by engaging the private sector and generating financial return for investors. The idea is being tested in Louisiana, which, like New Zealand, is dealing with the threat of future sea level rise and related issues. The report highlighted the role of environmental impact bonds to restore the coast faster and for less money, while involving local asset owners in voluntarily help

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