Coastal and Estuary Earthquake Legacy Issues

Second community group meeting South Brighton - Specific 13 June 2019. On 13 June 2019, the CCC initiated a second Coastal Futures Community Group meeting to discuss unresolved coastal earthquake legacy issues specific to the South Brighton Community. Click here to view the report based on the notes of our CCRU representative who attended the meeting along with others from the business and residential South Brighton community. PDF Click here to see the Coastal Futures Newsletter that was subsequently sent out by the CCC June 14,2019. PDF

Estuary edge earthquake legacy issues, Southshore and South Brighton

CCRU share with you the CCC initiated workshop held on Wednesday 29th of May in the South Brighton community Hall to identify the community needs in relation to the estuary edge earthquake legacy issues, Southshore and South Brighton. A city council resolution dated 9th of May, instructed council staff to undertake urgent work on the earthquake legacy investigations project for South Shore and South Brighton and report back in August 2019 for Council decision as follows: Estuary edge current and pre-earthquake state and risk analysis - to identify outstanding community needs. This will include specific actions and opportunities to mitigate inundation and erosion that addresses earthquake. Th

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