Estuary Edge Repair RESOLUTION

CHC estuary edge damage and erosion

"I'm disappointed that my community has had to endure eight years of endless consultation, endless talk, numerous reports, endless promises of action.” Says Councilor David East.

Christchurch City Council finally agrees to repair the earthquake damaged Estuary edge.

After 8 years of waiting and fighting for earthquake repairs to be done on the Estuary edge, a Community drafted Resolution was finally Passed by Christchurch City council.

This ensures Budgeting and Erosion management for the area around South Brighton Reserve, and further investigations on the stop banks north of Bridge Street were also agreed to, as was an investigation into erosion and flood mitigation in Southshore.

In Southshore, the Council has agreed to investigate proposed options to address earthquake-legacy related erosion, as well as the position of the 11.4m bund to help mitigate flooding. To help with this investigation, a collaborative group will be set up, and will include a technical expert nominated by the Southshore community.

Watch the video coverage of the meeting, debate and voting on the resolution here:

The meeting runs for an about an hour. See David East speak from the heart and with passion towards the end of the meeting. Special thanks must go to Councillor Raf Manji for seconding the resolution. Relentless persistence and work by Tim Sintes, Kim Money, CCRU and the SSRA to get to this point.

See the Christchurch Press and CCC press release:

Download the PDF version of this image >

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