Chapter 9 and 5 –  SES and Coastal submission dates

UPDATED NOV 29 - see highlighted changed dates below Here is a useful and handy list of the relevant dates for Chapter 9 and 5 – SES and Coastal submission dates. I have listed them in chronological order so they are easier to follow. I was having trouble getting them all straight myself as they are listed in topic form rather than chronological in the report. You will still need to refer to the pre-hearing reports for the exact details and direction applicable for each date. Hope you find this helpful- feel free to share it around. Please refer to the pre-hearing report for exact direction from the independent hearing panel. Chapter 9 SES and natural features- download pre-hearing report

Preparing New Zealand for rising seas

Certainy or Uncertainty? The main issues are coastal flooding, coastal erosion, and coastal groundwater. In this extensive report you will learn what the recommendations are to government as created by the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment. We have concerns that the Commission still seems fairly stuck on IPCC projections as a base for making policy decisions. It is fine to have these projections in the background pointing to a possible problem but it has to be acknowledged that a great deal of uncertainty surrounds them. It is possible that we will get to 2050 and only have 10cm SLR not 30cm, or worse 50cm. There is talk of “adaptive management” but it is not clear that they sup

Christchurch ratepayers suffering major stress and financial loss as a consequence of the Council re

Science Adviser Simon Arnold has produced a report which points out the Christchurch City Council's Tonkin and Taylor report breaches the legislation it was meant to be written under. We, CCRU, are publishing the initial report and the resultant correspondence. The Tonkin and Taylor report which was an update of a 1999 report was modified on a Terms of Reference, which was written by the Tonkin and Taylor themselves. This has raised a lot of eyebrows around the country and gained the attention of many including Mr Arnold. CCRU are concerned that council are knowingly using a report and the subsequent LIM notices, which breach the very legislation it was meant to be written under. Council ar

Expert calls on council to abandon climate hazard sea-rise report

A new review has slated the sea-level findings used by Christchurch City Council to assess risks to coastal properties. While council has scrapped fast-tracked plan changes based on the findings, coastal residents want hazard warnings removed from their properties' LIM reports. The findings were in a report on 50-to-100-year climate change risk, written by consultants Tonkin & Taylor. The report identified 18,000 properties as being threatened by rising sea levels, and 6000 by coastal erosion. LIM reports were amended to match. Mathematician and policy analyst Simon Arnold has now reviewed Tonkin & Taylor's report. He considers it was statistically flawed, based on outdated law, and exaggera

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