Estuary Edge Repair RESOLUTION

"I'm disappointed that my community has had to endure eight years of endless consultation, endless talk, numerous reports, endless promises of action.” Says Councilor David East. Christchurch City Council finally agrees to repair the earthquake damaged Estuary edge. After 8 years of waiting and fighting for earthquake repairs to be done on the Estuary edge, a Community drafted Resolution was finally Passed by Christchurch City council. This ensures Budgeting and Erosion management for the area around South Brighton Reserve, and further investigations on the stop banks north of Bridge Street were also agreed to, as was an investigation into erosion and flood mitigation in Southshore. In South

Estuary Edge Condition Inventory, by Jacobs NZ LTD

Not withstanding that the terms of reference for this work was supplied by the client (CCC) and that the focus in part was to prove wither there was earthquake legacy damage to the edge or not, it is a solid and useful piece of work. It gives good reference to past work and the present the state of the Estuary edge and structures. CCRU believe this is a study that should have been undertaken well before now. This is a useful starting point for information building and more work on solution possibilities is now required. What Jacobs found was interesting, the format and information is an approachable read and is well worth a look at. “In total the 7.1km of shoreline surveyed was categorised i

Coastal East Community battle again with the CCC asking for action in the Coastal East

Burwood Coastal community reps and members of the Coastal East Community battle with the CCC for action in the Coastal East area. Video Link to the deputations- click here> The community have a resolution to put forward by Councilor East for voting. Decision on the resolution was deferred to the 29th of August due to time constraints. CCC agenda– Item 26- click here >

CCC have put up the options resulting from the community needs meeting

AUG 1- CCC have put up the options resulting from the community needs meeting. The original feed back time of 2 days has been extended to 4 days. Just to let you know that the possible options to respond to earthquake-related changes to the estuary edge in Southshore and South New Brighton are now available online for your information and feedback. This is your chance to have your say about how the Council responds to the earthquake legacy issues in your community.

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