Regenerate has paused- CCRU suggests "where to now?"

This document is directed mostly to Regenerate Christchurch in the face of their “pause” and associated community concerns about the lack of earthquake repairs in the Coastal South New Brighton/Southshore project area. Proposal to Regenerate for a pre-Adaptation Strategy for Southshore and South New Brighton. Download PDF document > Adaptation is separate from earthquake repairs, and these repairs (pre-adaptation) must be done before the adaptation process begins. This document was written during January 2019 in the context of an adaptation research trip to Scotland and England. Informal consultation occurred with both SSRA (South Shore Residents Association) and SBRA (South Brighton Residen

Climate change responses- who decides and how should it be funded? CCRU submits to the NZ Productivi

CCRU were alerted to the NZ Productivity Commission who are compiling a paper on local Govt funding and finance. LINK: Read their draft paper here > While this is an 86-page final draft from the productivity commission and covers a vast range of questions regarding future financing for local authorities, CCRU were primarily concerned with question 8 below. CCRU felt it was important to make a submission to give a community perspective and be part of the continuing conversation. Q8 How are local authorities factoring in response and adaptation to climate change and other natural hazards (such as earthquakes) to their infrastructure and financial strategies? What are the cost and funding impli

If investigation cleared council, then what went wrong?

CCRU were invited to be interviewed for the mentioned Audit (see article below) on the basis that it would contribute to setting the terms of reference for an independent review. The review is an action we support. The Skelton audit is concentrated on a specific window of the IHP process, not the complete process or the resulting outcome post 'decision 53'. As stated in the article, something happened that lead to this process not producing what could have been reasonably expected by the community, resulting in a fix being required via the section 71 process. Something went wrong. It would be useful to find out why and learn from it. Feb 05 2019:

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