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The earthquake ruptured our village and your decision corrodes our soul

South Shore storm event showing neglect to retaining walls and estuary edge

Dr John CookGP New Brighton - eloquently said in his deputation- “continued uncertainty around the management of equity and safety and the future of the community in Southshore and South Brighton has led many residents to dark and unhealthy places..."

"The earthquake ruptured our village, your decision corrodes our soul

Our ground continues to shake as we and our families grow old

I want you to bring humanity to the estuary edge we live by

We need you to resolve our fate so in peace in our land we can lie"

Simon Watts, Chair of Christchurch Coastal Residents United, says: “This was always a journey we would make together or not at all. Today the decision was made to make that journey together.”

Kim Money, Chair of the Coastal Burwood Community Board, says: “I want to thank the community and all the residents who have put their hands up to support this place. I also want to thank my colleagues on the Community Board, Councillors and Council staff. It has been an exhausting journey but today was a milestone.”

The CCRU proposal-pre-adaptation strategy option 3 was one of three options put to Council, but was not the council staff preferred option. It was felt by staff that the CCRU option 3 presented an unacceptable risk to Council.

After the deputations and significantly that of Dr John Cook, it became very evident that the councillors accepted not only that there had been a series of major injustices to the residents of Southshore and South New Brighton, but also, they wished to do something about it. A motion by David East to this affect was moved, and as part of the process there was also an staff drafted motion.

The difference between these two motions reflecting the differing option preference was significant, but CCRU felt it was bridgeable. It was suggested that over lunch the two parties meet to progress the matter. As representative of the community, David East took with him the Chair and deputy chair of the Coastal- Burwood Community board, as well as CCRU chair Simon Watts. The CCC Staff group comprised Brendan Anstiss, General Manager Strategy and Transformation, David Griffiths, Head of Planning and Strategic Transport, Maiki Andersen, Policy Advisor, Natural Hazards, and Katy McRae, Manager Engagement.

The community group asked the staff to identify directly where they disagreed with the Community motion reflecting option 3. The issue appeared that in the view of staff, the CCRU proposed community Board endorsed option 3 was asking Council for a blank cheque. With an eye to getting works started on the ground as soon as possible, the community group received agreement that the key work at this point, needing immediate attention, was only to includ the state of the estuary edge, and consistent with their public offer, CCRU with its available experts along with David East and the Coastal-Burwood Community would be very involved in that work.

In short – It was agreed that the blank-cheque style wording in option 3 would be replaced with a more pointed and direct statement, that-

Following the estuary edge work, and an August meeting, the expectation was that the Council would move rapidly to action the agreed works.

The essence of this agreement is that we would move forward in this manner on this specific issue to get the fastest repair to the estuary edge and to facilitate much needed social repair (the CCRU recommendation).

Parties will meet again in August or earlier to confirm progress and start scoping the works with a view to a fast start of the works. CCRU and the community board will keep the community informed as information comes to hand.

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