Coastal-Burwood Community Board unanimously supports further discussion on CCRU’s proposal to Regene

On March 4, 2019, Simon Watts Chair of CCRU presented the CCRU “proposal to Regenerate Christchurch for a pre-adaptation strategy for South shore and South Brighton” to the Coastal- Burwood Community board. The purpose of the presentation was to allow members of the community board to ask questions regarding the strategy and to ultimately gain the endorsement of the community board. Following the presentation, unanimous endorsement of the contents of the strategy was obtained and the Community Board have taken the further step of requesting CCC staff to organise a joint briefing with CCRU, the Community Board, and the Council to discuss this topic further. Read the community board letter her

UK Environment Agency publishes new evidence to plan for flood and coastal risk up to 2065

The Environment Agency has published a new economic assessment to aid planning for flooding and coastal risk management over the next 50 years. The long-term investment scenarios use new climate change, population and mapping data to set out potential future scenarios, assessing how funding could be best allocated to meet these challenges. New evidence to plan for flood and coastal risk up to 2065 > (published 28 February 2019) Digestible Bullet-points Under a plausible extreme climate change scenario (IPCC A1FI), there are more places where new investment is not cost effective. In the high climate change scenario and with current effective planning outcomes it’s possible to prevent risk fro

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