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Proposed Coastal Hazard Plans Change -31st of March 2022

31st of March 2022 the CCC planning staff presented item 8, the proposed coastal hazard plan change report to the Urban Development and Transport Committee.

The purpose of this report is to seek the approval to undertake city-wide pre-notification engagement on the proposed Coastal Hazards Plan Change (PC12).

This resource is a collection of information current on the 31st of March 2022.

The pre-notification engagement is scheduled to be undertaken 11 April- 12 May.

This link will take you to the full agenda of the CCC meeting 31 March 2022:

View our resources page for the Coastal Hazards Plan Change group of documents >

The links below are for the web viewer interactive address maps that show inundation and erosion mapping for coastal areas. (Functionality on mac and mobile devices can be limited)




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