CCRU comments on Mfe 2017 Coastal hazards and climate change document

CCRU and its subject matter experts were recently invited by the Ministry for the Environment (Mfe) to comment on the December 2017 Coastal Hazards publication as the Mfe are undertaking minor revisions and updating on their December 2017 report. It is CCRUs’ view that feedback and engagement with all relevant parties throughout this process, particularly at this early stage, is essential. Accordingly, we thank MfE for giving us this opportunity to submit. CCRU have been engaging with the Ministry for the Environment on Coastal Hazard views since CCRUs’ inception in 2015. In December 2017, the Mfe released its publication “Coastal hazards and climate change – guidance for local governments”.

CCRU raise concerns and comments on Regenerate Baseline Documents

Regenerate has recently released what they are referring to as their Baseline review of current information for the Southshore/ South Brighton area. CCRU expressed strong concerns to Regenerate regarding this information prior to its release. Subsequent dialogue post release between CCRU and Regenerate have seen Regenerate agree to engage with us on their document. Our commentary is the first part of that engagement (as a partner) in the Southshore/South New Brighton Community Engagement process. This review has been sent to Regenerate in draft form as, ideally, it requires further independent expert input. Funding for this expert input is difficult for communities as they are most often und

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