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Christchurch ratepayers suffering major stress and financial loss as a consequence of the Council re

Science Adviser Simon Arnold has produced a report which points out the Christchurch City Council's Tonkin and Taylor report breaches the legislation it was meant to be written under.

We, CCRU, are publishing the initial report and the resultant correspondence.

The Tonkin and Taylor report which was an update of a 1999 report was modified on a Terms of Reference, which was written by the Tonkin and Taylor themselves.

This has raised a lot of eyebrows around the country and gained the attention of many including Mr Arnold.

CCRU are concerned that council are knowingly using a report and the subsequent LIM notices, which breach the very legislation it was meant to be written under.

Council are saying that when the new Coastal Hazards policy is in place several years from now, this will be sorted out.

Unfortunately, for all parties, there will be those who wrongly suffer losses in the interim through incorrect LIM notices on titles.

It is pleasing to have ongoing support from around the country, and even within council, as more and more inaccuracies and anomalies are coming to light.

Click title links below to download these informative and interesting reviews, reports and correspondence.

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