Combined Evidence Against Chapter 5 Natural Hazards - Stage 3

CCRU are recommending that the High Flood Management Area overlay be REMOVED from the plan.

The CCRU have made a group submission and this 72 page document forms part of our supporting evidence for the removal of the costal hazards section.* The reports which Chapter 5 is based on should be disqualified from inclusion within the District Plan because they conflict with the CCC's statutory obligations under the RMA.

"I have always been concerned that having coastal hazards in our fast-tracked District Plan Review process did not allow sufficient time for us to discuss these important issues with affected residents, particularly those in coastal parts of our city," Lianne Dalziel says.

If Chapter 5, including the High Flood Management Area overlay, is accepted in its current format, building in this overlay area will be a non-compliant activity. In other words- NO BUILDING PERMITTED. This affects 6,500 properties!

If you still have a live submission, this is your last chance to have your say. Support your community and be heard. RSVP to by 12 noon, Monday 1 February 2016.

*CCRU submitter 3686 for Chapter 5 Natural Hazards(part) stage 3.

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