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Update on the pRDP and HFHMA


CCRU have continued hard work behind the scenes, on both the Peer Review for the Tonkin Taylor report and with the pRDP (Proposed Replacement District Plan)

CCRU have been undertaking extensive and ongoing work relating to the HFHMA (High Flood Hazard Management Area) rules and overlays that the CCC want to enact through the PRDP.

If these proposed rules are accepted, large areas of the coastal communities will find that building on a vacant section or extending an existing house will become non-compliant.

So what’s the latest?

• After the initial hearings, Panel issued minute, 4th of March, regarding a requirement for additional modelling from CCC of zero SLR and 0.5 SLR • May 20th CCC supplied the supplementary evidence as requested by an earlier Minute from the panel • On the 5th of June CCRU applied to the panel for leave to cross 3 witnesses that supplied supplementary evidence and to provide rebuttal evidence on new supplementary • Panel issued minute on 7th of June granting leave for cross of the 3 witnesses as requested by CCRU and allowed CCRU to supply rebuttal evidence in the draft form to be considered on basis of with in scope and appropriate expert. This evidence was provided by Simon Arnold for CCRU • CCRU provided evidence as requested for consideration Friday 10 June • CCC opposed CCRU rebuttal evidence being accepted- 14 June • Panel granted leave for Simon Arnold's evidence submitted on behalf of CCRU to be accepted based on Mr Arnold being available for questioning in CHC on 24 June

A hearing date has been set for 24th of June 10am at the Manchester Street hearing rooms. At this time CCRU will cross examine the CCC witnesses that supplied the new supplementary evidence and Mr Arnold will also present his evidence and be cross examined

All documents relating to this have been posted on the IHP website. This includes the new modelling maps, the supplementary evidence and Simon Arnold’s evidence.

Come and lend physical support to CCRU at these hearings of Chapter 5 Natural Hazards at 10am 24th of June 2016

The address for the hearings is: 348 Manchester Street, Christchurch Click here for MAP

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