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misrepresenting the facts to divide the community

Councilor misrepresents facts regarding groups concern over SLR trends.

This really upsets me. Sarah Templeton is misrepresenting the facts to divide the community here.

She is suggesting to Katherine Morris, who has just presented a case for a protective sea wall and bike trail, that a group in her community is saying that the sea is not rising and that protective measures can wait.

"and what do you think of the group of those people who say they represent the community that SLR is not happening and we can wait"

View my presentation which I gave at the Sumner residents association that Sarah was at. I think it is reasonable to assume that this is what she is drawing on when she makes these comments.

Sea level is rising and I was very careful to point this out. The first slide shows current SLR trends, the precious .5m precautionary allowance and the 1m the council have based their coastal hazard zone planning on.

I am happy to say that the sea is not likely to be 1m higher in 100 years and that the council made a poor decision to use it, but to turn this into 'they are saying there is no SLR' is extremely misleading.

Sarah has not listened to Katherine Morris and put a question to her that is unfair apart from lacking any basis in fact.

For the record, I totally support the Southshore protective edge/bike trail initiative. It would be an asset for the city, protect areas that are at risk now due to red zone demolitions and protect against sea level rise - but it should also protect community from regulations that are here now regardless of whether the sea rises a little or a lot in the future.

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