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Technical reports – Coastal Hazard Assessment 2017 CCC

Tonkin & Taylor Report

The Council has commissioned several reports over a period of years to gain a comprehensive understanding of sea-level rise and its potential effects.

The 2017 report provides detailed information on inundation (coastal flooding) and erosion for the main inhabited coastal parts of Christchurch and Banks Peninsula. Four climate change and sea-level rise scenarios have been considered out to 2065 and 2120.

The report is the result of a thorough and independent peer review of the 2015 Coastal Hazards Report. A peer review panel made recommendations for changes to the 2015 report and further investigations. These recommendations have been addressed in the 2017 report.

The report has been independently peer reviewed to ensure it met the panel’s recommendations.

2017 Coastal Hazard report


The 2017 Coastal Hazards assessment [PDF, 8.1 MB] (Tonkin & Taylor) for Christchurch and Banks Peninsula is the most up-to-date information on coastal hazards across these areas. The report is a detailed technical document.


We've put together a summary [PDF, 1.9 MB] of the Report to help you understand the key terms, the methodologies used to assess coastal inundation and erosion hazards, and an overview of the mapping information across our different coastal environments..

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