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19 Abbreviations You Need To Know

The latest greatest hits- these are most of the abbreviations you will see and hear bandied about when you start looking to build a new home or build onto or make improvements to an existing dwelling.

CCC Christchurch City Council

CCRU Christchurch Coastal Residents’ United

CRPS Canterbury Regional Policy Statement

CRO Chief Resilience Officer

HFHMA High Flood Hazard Management Area

IHP Independent Hearing Panel

ITE Infrastructure Transport & Environment

LDRP Land Drainage Recovery Programme

LTDP Long Term District Planning

LTP Long Term Plan

MPRRA Mount Pleasant Rate Payers Association

OCEL Report

RDA Restricted Discretionary Activity

RMA Resource Management Act

RUO Residential Unit Overlay

LINZ Land Information New Zealand

SLR Sea Level Rise

SRA Sumner Residents Association

SSRA Southshore Residents Association


Chapter 5 Coastal Hazards Policy - PDF

The How Team - The How Team concept was developed by Renew Brighton and was used to deliver a contract to Regenerate Christchurch. This contract expired April 2018.

Southshore South New Brighton Temporary Floodplain Management report

Quick Reference

The following are some of the KEY parties involved. The content is verbatim from their own websites. See where this info insects with the reality of the actions they are undertaking. I have added underlines and highlights.


  • To rebuild earthquake damaged areas.

  • Will work with the community, iwi, and local businesses to drive regeneration in key areas, including central city, residential and red zones, and New Brighton.

  • Ensure advice and decisions take account of different perspectives and priorities.

  • Regenerate Christchurch represents a fresh approach to the next phase of Christchurch’s on-going development.

  • (ed. Not necessarily effective, functional or cost effective, but fresh.)

2016 Greater Christchurch Regeneration Act


  • The CONTRACTOR to do the work of above.

  • your regional council, working to manage the air, land and water so that it can be enjoyed by everybody....

  • …safe use of the region's harbours and a coastal environment which is preserved and protected

100 Resilient Cities

Christchurch is a member city of this network.

  • Resilient cities demonstrate seven qualities that allow them to withstand, respond to, and adapt more readily to shocks and stresses.

  • Inclusive, Flexible, willingness and ability to adopt alternative strategies in response to changing circumstances

  • prioritize broad consultation to create a sense of shared ownership in decision making

  • In essence, resilience doesn’t involve merely coping and adaptive strategies, but also transformative actions to make cities better, for both the short and long-term, in the good times and bad.

  • One thing is clear – cities are sick of just planning, and not taking action. We intend to help them take action.

  • solving problems in new, transformative ways

  • The resilience dividend is the return on resilience investments, whether it’s a financial return, or more qualitative, such as reduced inequality or increased social cohesion.

  • The City Resilience Framework Maintain protective natural and man-made assets that reduce the physical vulnerability of city systems. This includes natural systems like wetlands, mangroves and sand dunes or built infrastructure like sea walls or levees.

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