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A regeneration strategy and time frame Southshore and South Brighton

In 2018 Regenerate Christchurch, with support from Christchurch City Council and Environment Canterbury, will be developing a regeneration strategy for Southshore and South New Brighton.

The regeneration strategy will consider the environmental, social, cultural and economic effects of the issues facing Southshore and South New Brighton. It will focus on short, medium and long-term options to adapt to the effects of climate change, and to address the remaining effects from the Canterbury earthquakes. It will also consider the future of Southshore’s redzone.

They be starting wider public engagement from May 2018 onwards, and community feedback will help shape each stage of the development of the regeneration strategy.

They want to listen and engage well, carefully consider the information and thoroughly explore options for the future. Nothing has been predetermined and no decisions have been made. But we do need to start this conversation now, in order to plan for the future.

The regeneration strategy will identify what decisions need to be made, and by when.

They intend that the strategy will be completed by the end of 2018.

Original Article:

A link to a page on the CCC website: Adapting to climate change

...These include the maintenance and growth of dune and wetland buffers, building differently, encouraging development in lower risk areas and the strategic use of structures.

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