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CCRU video of meeting for coastal residents affected by RUO

CCRU meeting for coastal residents affected by RUO

Warwick Schaffer (Deputy Chair CCRU) and Simon Watts (Chair CCRU) presenting to the group about the RUO/HFHMA issue around a proposed development in Redcliffs which talks about the how strict application of the “avoid” from the HFHMA leads to absurdity.

CCRU (Christchurch Coastal Residents United) organized a meeting at Redcliffs Bowling Club Wednesday 25 July in response to Coastal Residents’ distress and difficulty in extending, rebuilding or building their houses in residential areas that are in the High Flood Hazard Management Area (HFHMA) and the Residential Unit Overlay (RUO).

An Independent Hearing Panel (IHP) identified the issue and developed the RUO, which would have made building in these areas a restricted discretionary activity (the usual situation in residential areas). However, despite the IHP findings, the Council disagreed with the IHP and did not implement their full recommendations, and the activating clause was somehow removed from the final document.

The aims of this meeting was to share experience gained from Southshore and South Brighton residents with other coastal residents who are also in the in HFHMA/RUO and brief those residents how the situation is evolving.

The meeting was attended by over 100 residents, representatives from community boards, residents associations and political proxies.

The CCC was invited to attend but declined.

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