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Sep 11-22 (4 articles to read)

East's dramatic press conference last week has served its purpose. It has forced the council's hand to front up to the botch-up over the "omitted policy" and commit to fixing it. Without wishing to fry your head with technical planning parlance, the "policy" gives life to the "rule".


Christchurch mayor Lianne Dalziel has vowed to hold an independent inquiry into why a vital clause that would have made it easier to build houses in coastal communities was missed out of the city's district plan.

Dalziel promised to "pull out the stops" to ensure the legislation is fixed and said the city council would take urgent action to get to the bottom of why it was overlooked in the first place.


21 Sep 2018 Options for removing the confusion in the District Plan about what building activity can occur in flood-prone coastal areas will be considered by Christchurch City Council next week.

What’s the issue with the District Plan?

How did the confusion arise?

Who was responsible for writing the Independent Hearing Panel’s decision?

How many properties are affected?

Has the confusion prevented people from building?

How do I know if a property is within one of these areas?


Campaigners fighting for a solution to the resource consents crisis in coastal Christchurch have issued a stern challenge to the prime minister, MP's and the city's leaders – "fix it properly, fix it honestly, fix it fast".


Dominic Harris 05:00, Sep 22 2018

The clause is indeed the root of the problem – 24 words that were left out of Christchurch's new district plan when it came into effect in December.

Buried in a chapter on natural hazards was meant to be a key instruction: In high flood hazard management areas, "provide for development for a residential unit on residentially zoned land where appropriate mitigation can be provided that protects people's safety, wellbeing and property".

Those three lines had a simple purpose – to give leeway to people in specific coastal areas previously deemed at risk of flooding from river surges, so they could build or extend homes.


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