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Terms of Reference (TOR) submitted to the CCC by the CCRU

Further to the Public meeting held September 2018, CCRU were mandated, by a motion passed, that they represent the community in the effort to develop appropriate Terms of Reference for an independent inquiry. The primary purpose being of the said TOR was to investigate how the ‘Ruth Evans’ draft policy did not find its way into the final text of the IHP Decision, or in the words, of the meeting investigating the circumstance surrounding the “policy omission” and subsequent outfall.

Accordingly, CCRU has sought the views of the community in preparing this document. A draft of an earlier version of this CCRU TOR document has been shared with Residents Associations (SSRA, SBRA) and other coastal residents, and the feedback and comments received incorporated into this document.

Over and above the previous district plan process, CCRU view that future approaches need to be more focused on ensuring the disadvantageous position of the community in these types of proceedings is considered and mitigated.

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